Tommaso Campagna

I’m Tommaso Campagna a new media researcher and visual artist based in Amsterdam.
Currently, I’m working at the Institute of Network Cultures as a researcher and editor.
My interest in new media studies is grounded both in theoretical and performative aspects. As a visual artist, I have used my expertise to support global and local activist projects such as, Money Lab, Exploit Pisa and Amsterdam Alternative.
As a researcher, I approach technological objects with a curiosity for conceptual and political consequences within the field of new media. Specifically, my research interests focus on the intersection between digital activism and artistic imaginaries with a particular focus on critical and sustainable infrastructures.

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Amsterdam, from Emanciaption to Sorting Machine

Documentary - 22min - 2021

Amsterdam, once a cradle of alternative culture, has changed its face by turning into a Global City. The city is characterised by temporary conditions, with a continuous turnover of people organised around the increasing shortage of long-term and affordable houses. Amsterdam is now a sorting machine where both newcomers and Amsterdammers are kicked out if not fitting in the frame of the creative, high-tech, fintech economy.


Co-directed: Jaap Draaisma, Maria Plichta, Daniel Leix-Palumbo, Tommaso Campagna, Daniele Lucchini
Research: Jaap Draaisma, Quirina Geijsen, Hugo Post
Director of Photography: Tommaso Campagna
Editing: Daniele Lucchini, Tommaso Campagna
Screenplay: Maria Plichta, Daniel Leix-Palumbo, Tommaso Campagna, Daniele Lucchini
Original Music & Sound Design: Daniel Leix-Palumbo
Audio Production: Daniel Leix-Palumbo
Production: Jaap Draaisma, Wouter Pocornie

Locations: Prospect 11, ST4YNY4L4NE, Cinetol
Location Artwork (ST4YNY4L4NE): AiRich

With the support of Cities for Change – Fearless Cities

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Post-Precarity Zine

Publication - Riso Printing/Digital - 2021

This zine is the outcome of the Post-Precarity Autumn Camp organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, Platform BK and Hotel Maria Kapel in September 2021. This zine collects extract of thexts, tesitmonals, precius reports, summaries of the daily programs, quotes, drwing and notes from the many participants.


Texts by: Morgane Billuart, Sepp Eckenhaussen, Dunja Nesovic
Design: Morgane Billuart
Production: Morgane Billuart, Tommaso Campagna

Printed at: Makers Lab, Hva
Paper: 100% recycled Muskat Grey, provided by Monsterkamer/Drukkerij Raddraaier SSP
Font: Ortica by Collettivo

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Ulisse Verticale

Video Scenography - (2D video - Multiple formats) - 2019

Audiovisual installation with the presence of a caged animal: Ulysses. Who’s a worker. A nurse. A security guard. A bartender. A collector of toy soldiers. A disease. The performance Ulisse Verticale was presented in occasion of the 2019 edition of ParallelaMente (Festival della Mente) in Sarzana (IT). Curated by Virginia Galli, Francesca Giovannelli and Elisa Palagi.


Writing and Interpretation: Jonathan Lazzini
Music: Daniel Leix Palumbo
Videos and Installation: Tommaso Campagna
Photographs: Francesco Capitani

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In Our Bubbles

Open Source VR Data Installation - 2018

In Our Bubbles is an open source virtual reality project presented at the CTM festival speedating event in 2018. This project was presented to a number of curator but never publicly exhibit due to the Facebook api censorhip. It is my aim to continue this project with new tools that allows to baypass facebook api. In our first experiments we downloaded, through the Netvizz application, networks of Facebook pages, obtaining graphs that we then managed with Gephi and then exported them in a format that was compatible with the Processing.js code, with which we created the final visualization. The network is therefore navigable both from a browser and adaptable to a virtual reality viewer.


Code: Tommaso Campagna, Daniele Gambettta
Design: Tommaso Campagna

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